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Legal Information

The general terms of payment and delivery mentioned below are valid for all deliveries from Schütt Horsens A/S, Ormhoejgaardvej 8, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark,

Phone No. +45 75 64 21 88, Fax: +45 75 64 37 22,

Internet shop: www.schutt.dk, e-mail: info@schutt.dk, CVR-Nr. 10 59 14 81,

unless other written agreements between the buyer and Schütt Horsens A/S have been made.


  1. The extent of the delivery

At the present conditions you acquire the goods, which have been described on the front page of the forwarded invoice/delivery note or the order confirmation, if the goods were bought through the internet.


  1. Time of delivery and transportation

Dispatch of goods takes place with an independent carrier (Post Danmark) or TNT, and Schütt Horsens A/S is intitled to enter necessary shipping agreements, on your behalf and for your account, in a way that Schütt Horsens A/S finds most suitable. The guiding time of delivery for stamps is 3-4 working days and for visiting cards 7-8 working days, but the time of delivery can be deviated.


  1. The risk of the goods

The risk of the ordered goods will pass to you at the receipt of the package or at collection at the time of release.


  1. Obligation to complain insufficient or incorrect delivery

If the delivery does not comply with the enclosed invoice/delivery note, you must make a complaint within 5 days. Otherwise you will loose the right to object insufficient or incorrect delivery.


  1. Obligation to complain errors and defects

In order to plea that the goods are suffering from errors or defects, you must notify Schütt Horsens A/S of the errors or defects by receipt of the goods. You must state and if required show, what the error or defect consists off.


  1. Schütt Horsens A/S responsibility of shortage

Schütt Horsens A/S acts upon the rules of the purchasing law concerning responsibility of shortage. Below this we must point out that if the delivery is insufficient, you can  demand relief, a new delivery, annulment of the purchase (if the defect is essential) or a suitable reduction of the price. However if you choose to demand cancellation of the purchase or a reduction of the price, Schütt Horsens A/S can refuse to do so and offer relief or exchange.


We cannot take upon ourselves to take back goods, which have been produced especially for you.


If you cancel the agreement due to delay or essential defects at the delivered goods, you are entitled to demand compensation of your loss, according to the general rules of the Danish law, cf. till count 7.


  1. Limitation of liability

Schütt Horsens A/S undertakes the responsibility according to any present legislation, but does not undertake further responsibilities  than prescribed by the law.


Limitation of liability:

The liability of Schütt Horsens A/S does not include:

A: Errors arisen as a result of the buyer’s misapplication of the goods.

B: Errors arisen as a result of  changes or interferences of the goods.

C:  Loss of profit or errors arisen during use of the product.

D: Any kind of maintenance, adjustment, wear and tear etc.

E:  Strike, lockout, blockade, delay or insufficient deliveries from sub-suppliers, fire,

physical conditions or interventions in law, which can obstruct delivery of the ordered  products.


  1. Product liability

Schütt Horsens A/S is responsible for product liability according to any present legislation, but does not undertake further responsibilities  than prescribed by the law.


  1. Price and payment

At our internet shop you can either pay cash on delivery or prepay by Credit card (Dankort or VISA card)

If the goods have not been paid cash by Dankort/VISA Card, the goods will be delivered cash on delivery, unless an agreement has been made.


How to pay by Dankort/VISA Card


Place the requested goods in the basket and press “Buy”. Then you will be asked to enter name, address, phone number etc. Please enter the requested information.  At terms of payment you choose credit card.

Now you will automatically be connected with our payment server (SSL-server- Secure Socket Layer), and you will be asked to enter your credit card number and expiry date.

The credit card number, which is on the front of the card, must be entered without space. For example card number 4500 0000 0000 0000 must be entered 4500000000000000.

You find the expiry date on the front of the credit card. You enter the expiry date in the two “Valid until” fields. The information will be encrypted/coded and will be sent to PBS (Payment Service of the Financial Institutions), where the validity of the card will be checked.

You must be aware that the transaction takes up to 15 seconds and therefore you must not shut down the browser.

When your credit card has been checked by PBS, we will receive information on whether the transaction was approved or not. If the transaction has been approved by PBS, the amount, which is going to be drawn on your account, will show on the page, and you will be able to print an order confirmation. If the transaction has not been approved by PBS, a page will appear, where you can choose either to try again, pay cash on delivery (no amount will be drawn on your account)or to cancel the order(no amount will be drawn on your account and the order will be cancelled).



Security at payment

When you pay by credit card at our internet shop, all the entered credit card information will be encrypted/coded, when they are sent to PBS, this means that no one will be able to intercept the entered card information. For these transactions we use a SSL-solution (SSL = Secure Socket Layer) approved by PBS to encrypt/code your entered card information. Encrypting by SSL is used by most of the Danish internet shops.


When will payment be drawn

According to the present rules concerning payment by credit card at the internet, the payment will not be drawn until dispatch of the goods has taken place.


Errors and problems concerning payment?


Does any problem occur during payment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@schutt.dk or call us at +45 75 64 21 88 from 08.15-15.30.


Payment Cash against delivery

When you choose to have your goods delivered cash against delivery, you will not have to pay until the goods are brought to you. The freight rate by this method of conveyance is the present freight rate at Post Danmark. Deliveries taking place out of Denmark will be charged for C.O.D. fee and carrying fees.



When you choose to have your goods sent cash on delivery, you must pay a C.O.D. fee of DKK 43.75


Venue and choice of law court

The parties involved have agreed that the law court in Horsens, Denmark must be venue and that all disputes, that might originate from the present agreement, will be settled by using Danish law.


Schütt Horsens A/S

Ormhoejgaardvej 8

DK-8700 Horsens


Tlf.:  +45 75 64 21 88

Fax: +45 75 64 37 22